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March 2010

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Prior to movie screenings, cinemas always request viewers to keep their phones silent during the featured movie. Batelco had been given an opportunity to pitch for this air time against others who had already submitted their spots. The cinema co. had to decide which spot was best for them and accordingly would agree to run it. Batelco made it. And around the target audience segments and the films types viewed in cinema, the film campaign was crafted through an original and insightful idea and played in all cinemas in Bahrain. The power of insight. The truth of why you should switch your mobile off in the cinema vs. how to really get through to people.

Film advertisement created by FP7, Bahrain for Batelco, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain
Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Art Directors: Fadi Yaish
Copywriters: Kongpope Siriwattanagarn, Aunido Anoop sen, Steve de Lange, Sameer Gaith
Account Director: Mohamed Sabra
Batelco Executive Marketing Manager: Abdulla Aziz
Batelco Brand Manager: Zainab mohammed
Production house: The Works
Director: Omar Hilal
Executive Producer: Hiba Mahmoud
Dop: Petar James
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withouts's picture

"Involving everyone in your story" is a good thought starter... but everything else is stodgy.

The script is a hell piece of cheesy work!

Batelco money in vain.

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Hmmm, strange..

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xcreativity's picture

little bit awkward i've to say. something related to the audio!?

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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F.Abboud's picture

I'm not sure what the insights FP7 are referring to are exactly! Also, the Bahraini dude is forced into the frame, not sure why they had to put him there!

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mannuwahal's picture

good point made, abboud. The guy with that white thing looks like a bit of a mismatch as compared to the other people.

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University of Arizona
satrianee's picture

good one. (and i love that accent).

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mannuwahal's picture

The last line "Come tomorrow, let's see if you have the guts to say that on my face" is a smart way of breaking it to the viewers that the guys are aren't actually having this conversation sitting opposite each other. Though, since one of them is supposed to be sitting in a movie theater, the dress code of either one should be different than what it is. Also, why do people start to move out with the guy when he is walking out of his cabin following the taller guy? Does that imply that some people sitting in the movie theater are actually taking more interest in this conversation that has nothing to do with them than the movie that is again supposedly being shown? Not very smart, I would say, even though the idea stems out from creative lines.

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University of Arizona
withouts's picture

"Involving everyone in your story" is a good thought starter... but everything else is stodgy.

The script is a hell piece of cheesy work!

Batelco money in vain.

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Capitano's picture

very good! missing something in the end though.. don't know what it is.. a sound effect of a phone call ending or a seeing the person in the cinema?? but still insightful..

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