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October 2009


Bars+Tone is an San Francisco-based video agency. When they moved offices, they created this action short as a promotional piece.

Film advertisement created by Bars+Tone, United States for Bars+Tone, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Bars+Tone, San Francisco, California, USA
Executive Producers: Stefan Walter, Eric Steckel, & Brian T. Nowac
Producer: Heather Johnson
Director of Photography / Visual Effects Artist: Ben Lunden
Motorcycle Rider: Brian T. Nowac
End Shot: Front Left to Front Right- Teresa LoBue, Ben Lunden, Eric Steckel, Stefan Walter, Brian T. Nowac, Stacey Vice, Michael Haley and Heather Johnson. Center- Julie Dominguez
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this is awkward. not in a fun way tho. either you make it a really cool and well produced spot, or an action spoof. but not that b-movie, half-baked, un-funny, long-drawn amateur piece of reel.


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Quite really.

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It seems to be getting somewhere... and then this big awful typography. People, you must follow the link! Their website is hmm... very interesting, specially in context of that spot.

"We are driven by fundamental insight, jointly discovered and collaboratively applied with our clients. " - old school approach for hompeage-talk(see not even a shadow of customer there) as well as for user journey. Building tension and some sort of excitement (I can see allt hose suits wetting themselves for a while) and then throwing such c*%$ website into user's face.

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looks like they have a new site in the works:

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H. Fernández
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Is it just me or does the audio of the clip lacks final mastering and compression up to correct levels? Since 30%-50% of a clips impact comes from proper sound this should be reworked - especially when those guys sell themself as a video post shop. And why this (not even retro) orange toning? It adds to the overall impression of an outdated, uninspired visual design.

Although created nearly 10 years ago (btw directed by Spike Jonze), there is still only one reference of a great "action TV series spoof". So BARS+TONE, take a look at this:

(Beastie Boys - Sabotage Music Video)

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Seems to me like a mini showreel. A good way for introducing capabilities of company to potential customers, but there is not an idea..

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