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June 2011


Music: Track: NYC moves to the sound of LA

Film advertisement created by Y&R, United Kingdom for Bacardi, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: RKCR Y&R London, UK / Y&R, New York, USA
Global Creative Directors: Guillermo Vega, Kevin Brady
Copywriter: Tara Lawall
Art Director: Devon Hong
Producer: Claudio Gorini
Assistant Producer: Pia Clarke-Ebrill
Business Director: Ben Caulfield
Account Director: Jamal Cassim
Production Company: Gorgeous
Director: Johnny Green
Producer: Spencer Dodd
Production Manager: Judy Vermuelen
Director Of Photography: Ben Seresin
Editor: Ted Guard At The Quarry
Post Production / Grade: The Mill
Composers: Rodriguez, Torres, Kauhola, Solis
Publisher: Warner Chappell
Artist: Funeral Partymaster
Owner: Sony Music
Audio Company: Factory Studios
Mixer: Anthony Moore
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Temple's picture

So so. Nice music though.

Activity Score 11339
Creative Director
gadgets's picture

the speed and music well balanced.
nothing extraordinary but OK for an alcohol commercial.

Activity Score 1063
Richard Finch's picture

The spirit seems reinvigorating, the music builds up a perceived excitement, the cheesy reinterpretation of what roles these inventions had towards a more "party-oriented" goal suits the brand, and the overall feel of the ad is a generic "Drink-our-drink-because-party" TVC but with an endearing twist.
Not bad, not amazing either.

Richard Finch
Activity Score 201
Graphic Designer
pez's picture

I like this... Good direction, good music. Ok for me.

Activity Score 1804
Creative Director
miko1aj's picture

yep. good copywriting but sorry to say that, it's so untrue and so "typish" that it even annoys you the creators had more fun to do this than you watching. And by the way; really someone "INVENTED" the light? not artificial light?

Activity Score 3082
ambareesha's picture

good one

Activity Score 253
Graphic Designer |

- @mbi

advertising ninja's picture

i am jealous. the closure line is super awesome. this is a very good commercial film. and i love the house which looks like babylons tower. i wonder if they use it somewhere else. funny tho how all alcohol commercials claim to give people a sweet kind of togetherness.. no matter what level of narration they do, its all the same..
anyways, super good film.
7 stars well because its not very creative but super well crafted

advertising ninja
Activity Score 614
Art Director at brain, warsaw
Glut's picture

what´s so cool about this??

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Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
abake's picture

I liked it. Nothing terribly new, but it was very well filmed and put together...

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
kleenex's picture

I like.

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Web Designer/Developer
picopalqlea's picture

does anybody know how to make this fucking player run properly??????!!!!

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Phillhb's picture

I am the target Audience for this campaign and i love it! i really like how someone has changed it from doing all these for the good of mankind to doing these things just so they can get together and party, It strikes a chord with me. Especially on a friday!

Activity Score 377
DwayneTucker's picture

Simply amazing - Dwayne Tucker.

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Photographer at Photography For You by / Savannah College of Art & Design / Miami International University of Art and Design |

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Copywriter |

jjf's picture

all together. come together, drink together, die together. Nice work!

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Copywriter at LINs Advertising & Marketing
nareshsbc's picture
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Marketing Manager at india
CriticalVoice's picture

Nice, but half-naked women would not have been necessary to sell alcohol.

Activity Score 165
Hadrons's picture

only for the young and get together?!....

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