June 2019

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Creative Director: Kike Doatis
Film Director: Albert Grabuleda
Concept & Script: Kike Doatis
Art & Design: Núria Garcia
Executive Producer: Kike Doatis
Production Manager: Arantxa Gandiaga
Production Crew: Jana Llopart, Yeray Mateo, Alejandro Martínez Ceballos
Director of Photography: Oriol Colomar
Direction Assistant: Carles Gómez
Steadycam: Joan Morató
Focus Puller: Enya Rodríguez
Camera Assistant: Anna Murciano
Light: Neil Murphy, Martí Pluma
Artistic Production: Locamente
Casting: Kike Doatis
Styling: Alejandro Acosta
Hair & Make Up: Alejandro Acosta, Ivan K, Kike Peña, Marta Vicente
Art Direction On Set: Dani Jarque
Edition: Albert Grabuleda
Color Grading: Enya Rodríguez
Sound Studio: Xevi Estudi
Music & SFX: Alex Barroso
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