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February 2010


Film advertisement created by Ponce, Argentina for Axe, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Agency Producer: Brenda Morrisom Fell
Creatives: Hernan Cerdeiro, Ariel Serkin
Production Company: Furlined / Soft Citizen
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Producer: David Thorne (EP), Eliza Pelham Randall
Director of Photography: Bryan Newman
Editing Company: Beast Editorial
Editor: Leo Scott
Post Production: The Mill / Los Angeles
Producer: Lee Pavey
Lead Flame Artist: Chris Knight
Assistant Artist: Andy Bate
Lead CG Artist: Robert Sethi
CG Artists: Steve Beck, Jong Jin Choi, Christian Andersson, Frederic Durand, Jaime Fernandez Muro
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Doda's picture

This ad rox!

Activity Score 51
Art Director at Dim Propaganda
monsieurange's picture

Como siempre Axe nos sorprende. Además de tener un buen pensamiento esta campaña, la bajaron de manera singular, con uso de recursos, que si bien pueden parecer raros (hasta a veces pienso que habría sido más fácil llegar a otra cosa, jeje) son bastante efectivos y siempre están cargados con un toque de humor al cual Axe ya nos tiene acostumbrados. Bien hecho Ponce.

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Creative Director
maranca82's picture

Simply awesome.

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cruzialx's picture

woah Great!

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Affinity Express Inc.
kalpesh78's picture

nice one .... though i dunno what the mechanized hands were for. Even if he'd have changed every time she looked at him would've worked. maybe they could've squeezed in another sequence.

Activity Score 2496
Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Mandark's picture

the sound track ruined it for me. plus there is a smaaal glimpse in logic. so if the wears axe right from the start, and in the start he looks...completly self conscious and odd, does that mean that I have to use axe, then stay inside until i get to the final transformation? i mean the first idea is nice, it transforms, but it shouldn't make u better, maybe just different...

Activity Score 393
copywriter |

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

Chori Arg's picture

why are you saying this is great?? this is a very first idea.
the brief was axe/lynx, a fragance that changes during the day. so, the guy changes during the day

Chori Arg
Activity Score 173
Art Director at Ponce Buenos Aires. Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios
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Graphic Designer
jg81's picture

lovely :D

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michdec's picture

love it!

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michelangelo's picture

everything is really good about this...

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Hiperion's picture

Pues a mi ya me empieza a cansar un poquito el tono de Axe con ese regusto ligeramente sexista que no hace mas que repetirse una vez tras otra. Que esto es un spot buenisimo es indudable pero creo que Axe podría empezar a pensar en cambiar un poquito la dirección de sus campañas.

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Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
zoundtank's picture

Beautiful, as always..

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Art Director at GSW
RajToo's picture

Who is the song by? Beautiful!

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Art Director
RajToo's picture

Who is the song by? Beautiful!

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Art Director
circlel's picture

I'd like to watch twice!! very good facial expressions of both!!

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sold's picture

its good.
did u people notice that when product brings a new way to "solve the customer's 'problem'" brings a fresh way to sell it also? (chocolate film, this one here...)
that is why i like axe product, company, agencies and ads.

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

i want the OST? plsss....

Guest's picture

PLEASE RELEASE THIS SONG! IT ROCKS! and you could make way more money on it :)!!!!

Guest's picture

Music from TDL Soundtracks

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cpaige88's picture

Ahh I love this ad :) Glad it won an award! Very clever =)

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Webster University
Guest's picture

this song is really this but they changed the lyrics to fit the comercial , so dunno how anyone would get a full version of it sadly, love the song

original song by: Barry Louis Polisar's

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