February 2018
Avengers: Infinity War / Disney: Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War Film Ad - Avengers: Infinity War
Editors: Jay Bender, Josh Dunn, John Garrett, Andrew Hegele, Ryan Cooke, Chris Park, Jason Gross, Aaron Druckenbrod, Josh Rosenfield, Rachel Modahl, Stephen Harris, Carl Jordan, Hunter Abbey, Will Gong, Amy Chewning, Brendan Lambe, David Schumann
Assistant Editors: Ben Chavda, Shane Foster
Producers: Lee Brunatti, Anna Yeager
President, Marketing: Asad Ayaz
Executive Vice President, Marketing: Frank Chiocchi
Senior Vice President, Creative Advertising: John Ibsen
Director, Creative Advertising: Lauren Wright
Vice President, Creative Contents: Marissa Messier, Jeff Redmond
Creative Director, Trailer 2: Adam Rosenblatt
Creative Director: Ted Tobin
Music Supervisor: Omar Herrera
Assistant Music Supervisor: Brian Vickers
Production Coordinator: Stephanie Lopez
Production Assistant: Ray Davis
Graphics: Hive Graphics in Partnership with Mocean
Sr. Art Directors: Greg Taylor, Soh Myoung Lee
Graphics Coordinator: Abigail Morgan
Motion Graphics Designers: Diego Stehle, Joe Kono-Woo, Jennifer Kwak, Christopher Dehm, Jose Ponc
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