Audio Pro - Honor the Sound

November 2018


For Audio Pro’s 40 year in the business they wanted to do a film to celebrates that. So director Mats Udd and production company Slutet är Nära came up with a film that wouldn't show any product, or new features. Just a pure and simple film about sounds. Small and large sounds. Sounds that make you laugh, or cry, sounds that you may have forgotten, or sounds that were a big part of your childhood. Sounds that make you come back to special events or make you remember friends from the past.

Speaker Brands usually pay homage to new technology and new products, but the more rarely they praise the sound itself. We wanted to change that. So before the 40th anniversary we wanted to make a film without a product that is only interested in one thing: The sound. A film that honoring the sounds.

Production Company: Slutet är Nära
Creative Director / Copywriter: Mats Udd
Producer: Petra Krigström
Production Manager: Alina Grön
DOP: Viktor Skogqkvist
1st AC: Hugo Nilsson, Erik Djurklou
SAD: Sofie Bällstav
Gaffer: Peter Övgård
Set Designer: Pia Wallin
Stylist: Freja Berglund
DIT / Set Designer Assistant: Josh Atlas
PA / Runner: Emil Wallin
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