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March 2008


Film advertisement created by Venables Bell & Partners, United States for Audi, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Creative Directors: Paul Venables, Greg Bell
Associate Creative Director: Eric Liebhauser
Art Director: Brandon Sides
Sr. Copywriter: Crockett Jeffers
Agency Producer: Craig Allen
Editorial Company: NY
Editor: Andre Betz
Sound Mix: Play Studios
Engineer: John Bolen
Sound Design: Human
Production Company: Epoch Films, Bicoastal
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: John Toll
Producer: Marc Marrie
Exec. Producers: Doug Halbert, Jerry Solomon
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john doe's picture

the postioning of audi in this spot doesn't work for me.
audi is frankly nothing of a rebel anymore. maybe years ago with the TT. but nowadays it's one among other luxury cars. bmw (remember and mercedes already did a sportive postining several times.

john doe
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Art Director
Mr.Top's picture

Audi is so much more than that.

Activity Score 728
ZaboZaboZabo's picture

Weak as a dead chicken. It's a 2 to me-

Activity Score 593
Art Director
Geko's picture

Boring. Weak. Ugly.

Activity Score 161
Art Director
hansbruno's picture


Activity Score 6
NomadDCLXVI's picture

car adverts are very controversial stuff - so if I'm a fan of Volvo or Toyota - Audi does not work for me anyway and so on...
but ok. this ad is nice, only in this case Audi is quite similar to the brands which that suited old dude showed so it's not popping out of the context - more contrast needed.

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Creative Director |


chinaski's picture

it was acceptable in the 80's.

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A to the G's picture

the idea is cool and it's something a little different from Audi. Not the typical car porn ad we're use to seeing.

Though I would say the concept and the ending don't work...starts off challenging the establishment and ends like EVERY OTHER CAR AD.

I hate car clients. So cliche. I'm sure they butchered this.

A to the G
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marmar's picture

I don't get it so you go from being the "preppie" white guy to a bigger jerk with that car?
Same idea diff delivery... lame

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Crisp One's picture

y did my comment get deleted Ivan, it said as much as everybody else up here

Crisp One
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Other at New York
krautland's picture

venables is doing some really strong ads for audi right now.
sadly, this isn't one of them.

Activity Score 3212
Art Director at erm... no calls please.
proscriptus's picture

It's only an A5...might work with an RS. And what ever happened to not using the word "broken" in a car ad?

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Copywriter at Redeye Media |


Guest commenter's picture

An RS5 would have worked better, much better, but they aren't out yet. I liked it because its mostly true, a lot of BMW and Mercedes owners look down on Audi, this is a commercial about how they are trying to break into markets that those cars hold because their cars are just as good, and less expensive. Its not as much about rebellion as breaking the cycle of getting the same car your dad had, just as they said.

Guest commenter
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