Foot Vs. Fountain Test

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April 2012


To demonstrate the technical aspects of ASICS shoes, we created, a parallax scrolling site that houses 10 short, fun films, each about a different technical aspect of various ASICS shoes. Click to the right for a more technical look at what's being demonstrated.

Film advertisement created by Vitro, United States for ASICS, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Vitro, San Diego/New York, USA
Creative Chairman: John Vitro
Chief Creative Officers: Jonas Hallberg, Liron Reznik
Creative Director: KT Thayer
Copywriter: Schuyler Vanden Bergh, Simone Nobili
Sr. Art Director: Cris Westrell
Art Directors: Kevin Lukens, Kevin Cimo, Dominic Al-Samarraie
Agency Producer: Mickey Strider
Executive Digital Producer: Lina Drott
Digital Producer: Christoffer Lorang Dahl
Digital Production: Kokokaka
Video Production: 13 Keys
Video Editing: Dave Friz, 13 Keys
Sound Design: 13 Keys
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sergeo_syd's picture

I would not buy the shoe after watching this.

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Production Manager at | - Film Production Management

BoBBy_js's picture

Like an advertiser an also a sport player, without a doubt i will buy the shoes, the take a game situation to another level, it's clever. Love this campaign.

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karruza's picture

yea, i didn't feel the persuasion to buy the product, the choreography is good, the fountain is beautiful, but whats going on in my mind and the feeling that left is, "i wanna test my skill on that fountain" and you're lack of your product shot, try playing with slow motion (high fps camera) that would dramatize the shot Imho..

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Matt Van Hoven's picture

Totally understand what you're saying. I worked on this project, and the piece you've likely not seen is the site where this clip (and the others) live. - there's an interactive portion that provides more of a visual take on why the tech in ASICS shoes makes them the best.

Matt Van Hoven
Activity Score 8
Public Relations at VITRO
Society of Doom's picture

This is seriously stupid. What's the concept? A guy awkwardly running around in a fountain? Doesn't make the shoe look good. The athlete looks a bit silly. And it seems like a highly contrived and staged situation that does nothing to create a connection with the brand or the product.

Society of Doom
Activity Score 45
BoBBy_js's picture

If you're a sport player you will know that is not about te shoes looking good, is about performance and it's an extrem situation that takes the technology to the limit.

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kalpesh78's picture

the idea is fine. this same thing could become a wonderful TVC only if they had done any bit of editing on it.

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Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Wordfruit's picture

I like the idea with these Asics ads, and some of them I think are much better than others. Really though, I think for this to work really well, every one has to be really good. I don't think they all are, and that obviously brings the campaign as a whole down.

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morse's picture

I don't like this series. I don't understand what they are going for.

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Art Director |

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Temple's picture

Not even people in the industry could watch all 10 of these.

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Creative Director
cognitive's picture

Yea I think some slow mo/close-ups to make the fountains look more menacing would be cool. Maybe a few near misses to build suspense, and some element that helps you understand the strategy he is using. I'm sure it has been done, but maybe play up the video game aspect.

Activity Score 181
Producer/Director at Austin, Texas |

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