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April 2020
ASHES TO LIFE: I am nature
ASHES TO LIFE Film Ad - I am nature


ANAHO soap dish. A forest residue turned into a piece of sustainable design.

Forest fires are a global problem. They generate large amounts of ash that alter soil conditions.
But that residue, the ash, can be transformed into products to generate an economy that helps restore those charred forests.

ASHES TO LIFE is a firm of high ecological cosmetics that transforms the ash into different products and allocates 10% of its benefits to the restoration of forests that have suffered fires.

Film advertisement created by Incuba.eu, Spain for ASHES TO LIFE, within the category: Beauty.


Some, call me branches. Others, call me forest cleaning. Some even call me residue. But I am much more than that. I am nature.

ANAHO Soap Dish.
Made from logging residue to help restore burning forests

Advertising Agency: Incuba.eu, San Sebastián, Spain
Advertising Agency: Incuba.eu
Creative Directors: María López Gómez, Alejandro De Antonio Fernánez
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