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October 2009

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Agency Producers: Anne Oburgh, R.J. Pomeroy

Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Apple, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
CCO / ECD: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
CD: Jason Sperling
ACD: Chuck Monn , Kevin Tenglin
SrAD / SrCopy Writer: Jamie Reilly, Pete Figel
Production Co: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: Peter Donahue
Editorial Co: Beast Editing Company, Inc
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Post Co: Company 3
Artist: Brian Robinson
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everartz's picture

crush the PC!!!

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| everartz |

Andrea Afeltra's picture

That's the best of the three.

Andrea Afeltra
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Art Director
Juan Cabral's picture

No one spends more than 2 minutes to think on this idea.

Juan Cabral
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Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

Guest's picture

and that's a problem because...

frcxshw's picture

Probably true but I'm sure some other good ideas took less than 2 minutes.

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alexander_bickov's picture

Cool ad

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ricklongo's picture

Weak reasoning. Every new Mac OS release still don't address the problems I have with it in the first place.

The Mac is pretty obviously the best platform for art directors to work with, but while the vast majority of good entertainment options keep being PC-only, I'll never get a Mac for leisure.

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picopalqlea's picture

thats are playstations are for...

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danoder's picture

Sorry man, but you just don't know what are you talking about. Did you know that Microsoft admitted for example that Windows Vista ran better an a Mac? With a Mac you get the best of both worlds and beyond : '

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

Hehe... nice twist. i am a bit bored of the pc vs. mac battle ads, but this one... is funny. i like.

jergold's picture

this mc guy is just becomming unbearable.
All right, you don't want to be the PC guy...but who the hell is this mac guy supposed to represent? pseudo cool people?

it's getting repetitve. I guess apple is getting nervous with the new windows release....and their advertising answer is more than 3 years old.

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Guest's picture

You're joking, right? Regardless of the commercial's quality or even OS quality, Apple is not actually worried about Windows 7, even if Windows 7 is the bomb. Apple is profitable with iPods and iPhones alone. They're just trying to expand their market. Apple will retain a strong core market regardless of how good Windows 7 is.

That said, I'd like for Microsoft to be worried about Apple and vice-versa. Until Apple's revival, Microsoft was starting to slide downhill, fast. Windows 7 is their first step to recovery. WE ALL NEED both companies to be strong and competitive. With competition we all win. We get better OS's and more security that way.

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i didn't care about pcs before but now i have a pc i hate them with all my heart.

Guest's picture

trust me, this is a good idea!

Guest's picture

Trust me... Yeah, right.

Definitely going to say NO to Windows 7. Good ad.

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Ha ha ha...........gud one man

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i hate apple more with every ad they produce.
i also cannot believe how microsoft isnt using those against em. theres so much potential in that little brand war. but microsoft is just too incompetent to hire the right people for the job. sad.

khalu's picture

you don't have to think different to choose a Mac

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samee's picture

good stuff!!!

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mark3r's picture

Well I use a Mac at the office, a nice Mac Pro with 2 QUadcore intel xeons, 8gb ram and blah blah blah... It is the most annoying SHIT i've ever used... it only takes 4 programs to be open and every move you make turns into the F-ing beachball or the stupid watch!!! Using it with leopard updated and everything... hey at least it doesn't crash right?... Then i get home and sit down on my PC that I built myself using aftermarket parts carefully selected and researched... a fun little project, stuck a AMD quad cpu in there a nice vid card, asio 2 soundcard to record some tunes... etc... spent likee 30% less cash than what a Mac like this would cost, put Win 7 rc beta in it... open up my photoshop, illustrator, internet browser, itunes and maybe a word document, never crashes and wow... works a MILLION TIMES FASTER than the dumb fancy mac, no lagtime when I switch programs!!! Just thought I shared this with ya... I'm not the only one who has had this experience. I'm not saying Mac is bad, it probably has the best designed operating system out there, but not as efficient in my personal opinion, and you don't have the freedom you have with a PC (like I said I built my own custom monster).

That said, I hate the smartypants MAC ADs TO THE DEATH!


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Guest's picture

bottom line PC with tons of viruses, MAC more secure,
US Army video surveillance powered by Apple

US Army's decision to use Mac OS X and Apple servers to run four video surveillance systems. When reliability and security are paramount, says Chris Gettings, Mac OS X is the choice. Chris is the CEO and president of video management software manufacturer VideoNEXT.

"You're not going to have some of the memory-leak issues that seem to plague different versions of the Windows systems," he says. "And mission-critical customers appreciate that."

Additionally, Mr. Pat Mercer, who has actually installed Mac-based systems for "...[a] large government entity" notes that low bandwidth, security and reliability are what those IT departments demand. "That's where the Mac conversation begins," he notes.

This isn't the first time we've seen the US Military using Apple products. In May we saw a story of soldiers using the iPod touch as an in-the-field translator. In December of '07, we published a post about more wide spread military adoption of Apple hardware and software. Of course, we can't forget the life-saving iPod.

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