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April 2019


In an airport check out, an ordinary guy is held as suspect by a police dog that barks at him. Because of this dog behaviour, the man suffers several inspections in order to check if he’s carrying drugs or other illegal items. During this period the dog continues to bark permanently, leaving the poor man to the worst situation: a final rectal inspection. And then to his surprise, the dog stops barking, and the man has a glimpse of an eye where he recalls from where he remembers that dog.

It is the dog he abandoned years before on an empty field. We will never know its name: could be Lucky, could be Karma. But he got its revenge. Because an abandoned dog never forgets.

Film advertisement created by Havas, Portugal for Animalife, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Havas Portugal
Creative Director: Paulo Pinto
Copywriter: Nuno Leal
Director: Paco
Film Production: Major West
Account Manager: Margarida Claro
Producer: Vanessa Nunes
Producer: Inês Ferreira
Cinematographer: Duarte Domingues
Editor: José Barreiros / Light Films
Colourist: Paulo Inês / Light Films
Flame: Rodolfo Pereira / Light Films
Sound Designer: Ana Conceição / Dizplay
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