Money can defeat cancer

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June 2013


Health Care in Poland is underfunded. This is especially evident in the case of cancer patients. There is very limited or no access to the new generation of drugs. Several treatment methods, like immune therapy or molecular targeted chemotherapy, are not available in Poland, nor funded by the National Health Fund. Alivia is an Oncology Foundation that believes that more often than not, in Poland the most important missing factor in the fight against cancer… is money. In our non-for-profit campaign, we followed the road less travelled. Instead of the cliché route of “emotional blackmail” we chose to empower people, to give them hope and show them that cancer is something you can fight and conquer. With the help of essential resources, cancer can be defeated. Crayfish in Polish is cancer.

Film advertisement created by DDB, Poland for Alivia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Money can defeat cancer, donate

Advertising Agency: DDB, Warsaw, Poland
Creative directors: Zuzanna Duchniewska, Maciej Waligóra
Art director: Maciej Twardowski
Copywriter: Michał Desowski
Project manager: Katarzyna Seyfried
Account: Magdalena Różycka
Script: Maciej Twardowski, Michał Desowski
Postproduction house: Platige Image
Director: Damian Nenow
Art director: Kamil Pohl
Concept art: Kuba Jabłoński
Rendering supervisor: Michał Gryń
Compositing: Manuela Balk, Dennis Nikolayenia
Producer: Justyna Supernak
Sound director: Jakub Pietrzak / studio Box Postproduction
Music: Archive / „Fuck you”
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dextersilveyra's picture

...millions of ways to aproach this idea...not this one.

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dextersilveyra's picture

...millions of ways to aproach this idea...not this one.

Activity Score 2
certaintly's picture

agreed. this is really far-fetched and disconnected.
great execution though

Activity Score 3984
kleenex's picture

Great execution in animation, but a poor idea overall.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
Owolawi's picture

This is a refreshing and daring angle at the issue of cancer. It's the road less traveled,and I applaud them for it.

Activity Score 1534
Copywriter at DDB |

fangoleon's picture

No insight at all.

Activity Score 8598
Creative Director at Ganem Group
cwriter79's picture

Wow! That was horrible. And the song? F@*k your anyway? Yeah, sound like something they said to their client.

Activity Score 956
Copywriter at Cargo, LLC.
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