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January 2015


Film advertisement created by Red Pepper, Russia for Aistenok, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director: Danil Golovanov
Art Director: Julia Uzkih
Copywriters: Ivan Sosnin, Yana Shmailova
Director: Ivan Sosnin
Assistant Director: Konstantin Bashenko
Videographer: Dmitry Kurenev
Producer: Olga Burlakova
Account manager: Alena Podgornaya
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the headline is just wrong

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"Helping orphans is not a toy"??? Man, who said/felt/thought it was? How about a real insight?

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Wow, that's really bad.

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Cheap-ass twist.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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the headline is just wrong

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It is not a secret that many organizations and individuals are engaged in charity.
There is statistics in Russia, that during the Christmas holidays one orphan child receives about 19 gifts.

However, helping children in this way (toys, gifts and sweets) often goes wrong: stronger children will take the best gifts away from weak children, and the older kids can even sell all donated in schools.
Besides, when children are given so many gifts in a time, it creates a tendency to dependency and easy life in them.

The staff and volunteers of the Non-Governmental Organization "Aistenok" do not give gifts and entertainment to orphans, but try to do everything possible to keep the kids in their families.
This video will remind you that children don’t need candies and gifts, but attention and care.

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General Manager at Red Pepper advertising
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Thank you for the explanation! Now it makes much more sense to me.
I guess it should be mentioned in the ad too. Just an extra line.

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