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August 2014


In China, the idea of its citizens freely expressing themselves is not something that is openly encouraged or promoted. In fact, you could be arrested for speaking your mind. So when adidas Originals wanted to launch a new brand campaign, they knew they had a major challenge. The brand's core essence is all about being individual and expressing your originality, which is the opposite of China's social beliefs. The campaign called #thisisme is an unprecedented platform that encourages local Chinese people to truly express who they are and to embrace what makes them unique, no matter what anyone says.

Film advertisement created by TBWA, China for Adidas, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Shanghai, China
Group Creative Directors: Patrick Tom, Colin Lee
Creative Director: Kate McMullen
Art Directors: Patrick Tom, Kate McMullen, Kenny Huang
Copywriters: Kate McMullen, Sam San
Agency Producer: Ays Tan
Business Director: Catherine Talpey
Account Director: May Wu
Planner: Phyllis Yip
Director: Paul Geusebroek
Director of Photography: Daniel Bouquet
Production Company: SixToes
Executive Producers: Haydn Evans, Tony Tang
Producer: Sariyanti Sannie
Editor: Brian Ent
Audio Production: Audentity Music & Sound
Post Production: Technicolor Shanghai
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Too colorful! :)

Pete R.
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Nice dynamic.

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Too colorful! :)

Pete R.
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Tài zāogāo

TOO Crappy....

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Not bad. Wonder how the Chinese government feels about this.

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Too edge for China.

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It is not difficult to see Adidas clover series for brand positioning from the Large front part of the ad, several "too" young stage will highlight a variety of forms, the same clover can present different "you"

The last one, "That's me," Although it looks like the clamor, is presumptuous. But the combination of the first sentence, "they said," I personally feel that these two alone would have been able to point to the essence of the whole branch of the ad! They say: Your question have a problem! They say: your aesthetic very good! They say: your child a little frustrated! They say: your looks a bit ugly! How many times in our own heart is not the answer: too Unfortunately, this is me! Young has always been to be self!
Middle figure form for further strengthening the brand positioning! Although hardly a super god commercials, but it should still be a good work it! For the audience, the number still can find some of his own shadow!

Junyi Liu
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