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February 2015


Film advertisement created by 180LA, United States for Adidas, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA
Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner
Creative Directors: Pierre Janneau, Josh DiMarcantonio
Copywriter: Ben Bliss
Art Director: Marcus Brown
Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley
Executive Producer: Erin Goodsell
Senior Producer: Dave Stephenson
Head of Account Management: Chad Bettor
Account Director: Whit Cavanah
Account Manager: Danielle Tisser
Business Affairs Manager: Angel Cielo
Production Co.: Imperial Woodpecker
Directors: Stacy Wall, Mark Zibert
DP: Chris Blauvelt, Chris Mably
EP / Managing Partner: Doug Halbert
Executive Producer: Charlie Cocuzza
Producers: Terri Shafirov, Jeff Shupe
Production Service Company: Twentyfour Seven
Producer: Zico Judge
Editorial Company: Cut + Run
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Managing Director: Michelle Eskin
Executive Producer: Carr Schilling
Head of Production: Amburr Faris
Assistant Editor: Sean Fazende
Senior Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
Executive Producer: Enca Kaul
VFX Producer: Jordan Sharon
VFX Coordinators: Jackson Rogers, Jillian Lynes
Colorist: Adam Scott, David Ludlum
Executive Color Producer: Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer: Antonio Hardy
Color Coordinator: Diane Valera
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Mitch Drain
2D Lead Artist: Glyn Tebbutt
2D Artists: Brad Scott, Stefan Smith, Toby Brockhurst, Jale Parsons, Steve Cokonis, Nicholas Tayler, Robin McGloin, Scott Johnson, Tim Robbins, Kelsey Napier
3D Lead Artist: David Lawson
3D Artists: Edward Hicks, Martine Rivera, Blake Sullivan, Lynn Yang, Chris Goodrich, Steven Olson
VFX Producer: Jarrad Vladich
2D Artists: Grant Connor, Leonardo Costa, Mike Simons, Olivia, O'Neil, Ralph Dubber
3D Artists: Anthony Northman, Sergio Xisto, Matthew Fuller, Philip Maddock
Sound Design: Barking Owl
Sound Designer: Michael Anastasi
Creative Director / Partner: Kelly Bayett
Head of Production: Whitney Fromholtz
Recording Studio: Lime Studios
Mixer: Rohan Young
Assistant Mixer: Jeff Malen
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Music: Soundtree Music/Fourteenth Music
Composer: Peter Raeburn
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dotunbello's picture

Gimme my 60 seconds back!

Activity Score 150
Copywriter |

"make good art"

dotunbello's picture

Gimme my 60 seconds back!

Activity Score 150
Copywriter |

"make good art"

kleenex's picture

That is sure a whole lot of credits.

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Web Designer/Developer
bobafett's picture

Great audio work

Activity Score 2322
Chief Creative Officer
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epic music

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sb1's picture

This advertisement is really great. I like that Adidas is trying to expand their sports market. I think their advertising strategy works because they are pushing towards success by using sporting teams that are in high rankings in the sporting world. As a consumer, this makes me feel good about the brand and like I should be wearing Adidas sport wear. I have always like Adidas fashion label, which is more of a street style based line. It is very sporty so in a sense, I think Adidas was trying to stay true to its origins. I like how this advertisement takes us back to the good old Adidas sport but in a new innovative and cool way. I think their partnership with Kanye West has a full potential site in the fashion world. Because the fashion label is very much inspired by sports wear, it can only bring good ROI to invest their marketing on their original sporting line.

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damnson's picture

As far as credit lists go, this must be in the top 20 on this site.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Not bad but normal

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