Kevin Rudd, 87

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September 2009


Ursa turns Australia’s leader, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, into an octogenarian to remind Australians of their ageing population and the need to support aged care professionals. See his transformation at


Today marks the birthday of Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and what better way to celebrate than by launching a campaign for Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA). Tactically timed by Ursa Communications the campaign will celebrate the professionals that care for the elderly population of Australia and launch with Kevin87, an aptly named ageing video of the PM.

The inaugural advertising campaign for the aged care industry body ACSA, Ursa Communications was briefed with developing an approach that would raise awareness of the aged care industry and effectively articulate the positive role that carers have on people lives.

The result is an engaging burst activity lead by the ageing visual of Kevin87 and followed by an uplifting print execution, leveraging the insight that aged care professionals are indispensable to those in their care.

Executive Creative Director Denis Mamo commented, “By using the Prime Minister as a symbol for all Australians we are able to effectively and engagingly demonstrate that aged care is relevant to everybody - there is no escaping getting older.”

Kevin87 is accompanied by a micro-site,, with member and community resources including interactive online elements.

Launching in October the print execution captures the dynamism of the aged care industry through a fresh, spontaneous style of photography. The images bring to life the vitality of the relationships people have with their carers.

“By allowing people and their carers to, in effect, take self-portraits, we’ve been able to contemporise the category and give ACSA a distinctive look,” added Denis Mamo.

Managing Director of Ursa Communications Mardi Le Page commented, “It was especially important to ACSA that the campaign gave a positive outward impression of the industry, so throughout the print execution the focus is on the message that people receiving care are enabled by their carers.”

“The two pronged approach gives the campaign the diversity to grow public and government awareness and support for the sector and reflect back to aged care workers and their vital role in the lives of aged Australians,” explained Mardi Le Page.

Campaign Team:
Mardi Le Page, Managing Director
Lisa Stevens, Senior Account Manager.

Client team:

Chris Hornsey, Media Manager
Annette Glenister-Walker, Corporate Relationship Manager

Film advertisement created by Ursa, Australia for ACSA, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Ursa, Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Denis Mamo

Art Director: Helen Shortis

Copywriter: Geoff Fischer

Illustrator: Hugh Seville

Client: Aged Care Services Australia (ACSA)

Policy Manager: Pat Sparrow,

Agency Producer: Ian Ford

Video Prod Co: Cutting Edge

Prod Co Producer: Sharon Pearson

Head of compositing: Hugh Seville

Photographer: Ian McPherson

Retouching: Cream, Damien Notter

Typographer: Kristian Molloy

Web Design: Nick Bailey, Helen Shortis

Web production: WDC

Social Media: Fi Bendall

Digital Media: emitch

Print Media: Mitchell & Partners
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there is no sound....!

ivan's picture

I'm sorry, there was a glitch. It's ok now.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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Attention-grabbing in a good way, but…

Dude ages … then what? Couldn't divine a call to action or an imperative. No apparent proposition. Couldn't really see the point at all.

Website's a bit amateur as well. Centre aligned type, crazy clashing colour scheme. Confused layout with no clear priorites applied to options.

Shame there's not capitalising on the initial impact to make a point.

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Yes, that was fun. Watching the Kevin Rudd age before my eyes. Single-minded proposition: "Support aged pensioners now because we're aging quickly."
- Ninja Monkey

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