The book you cannot read at home

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January 2017


During winter, temperatures drop to even minus 30 degrees Celsius. This is why in 2017 as many as 116 people froze to death. Mainly the homeless ones. Mainly because no one cared to help them. People think "If homeless do not care about themselves, why should I? It is not my business." INVISIBLE. This is what the homeless are to us.

Having looked all around Poland, we found three homeless writers. We prepared a selection of their works. We published a book containing their documentaries, poems, stories, and a play. We printed the book using ink, only visible in the cold. To read the book, you have to take it where it was created. Outside in the cold.

Experiential advertisement created by Walk, Poland for The Invisibles, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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love the effort.

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