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June 2020
Telia: Real home office kit
Telia Experiential Ad - Real home office kit


As Swedes were starting to get tired of working from home due to covid-19 restrictions we saw that many office workers started to share their feelings about missing the real office and all that comes with it.

So Swedish telco Telia, that recently released a subscription with free surf in Office365 for home office workers, put up a real home office kit for auction.

The kit was complete with an irritating printer, a half full fruit basket, left over coffee bread from the morning staff meeting, a dried-out Whiteboard pencil, a permanent marker that looks like a Whiteboard pencil, an empty stapler and your messy colleague’s old coffee mugs. Basically, all the details to help your home office feel more like the real office.

The home office kit was auctioned on an online local auction site and it had over 13,000 hits. All the money collected from the auction was then donated by Telia to the Swedish NGO Friends.

Experiential advertisement created by JMW, Sweden for Telia, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: JMWGolin, Sweden
Account Manager: Janna Schibbye
Communications Manager: Cecilia Levin Destoup
Press officer: Roija Rafii
PR: Linn Hultén
PR: Christine Jonsson
Creative: Samuel Garlöv
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