Trojan Jammers

May 2020
Spotify: Trojan Jammers


Americans love listening to the radio while driving. The task at hand is to make them switch to Spotify’s Daily Drive playlist which is a complete package including music, podcasts, and news. We realized radio glitches and bad frequencies make people switch off the radio instantly. We’ll take advantage of this insight by creating Spotify’s Trojan Radio Jammers. A Trojan Radio Jammer is a low power radio station made out of a transmitter, an antenna, and an audio source. So, we will take these jammers and jam the radio signals on some of the busiest streets in America. As it’s cheap and easy to make, we will place it in plain sight and drop hints to indicate it’s Spotify’s doing. Lastly, by using the old principles of radio, we will leave a direct radio message in favor of Spotify.

Experiential advertisement created by Miami Ad School, India for Spotify, within the category: Music.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, Mumbai, India
Mentor: Deep Chhabria
Mentor: Siddhi Ranade
Copywriter: Anisha Chavan
Copywriter: Nagma Dhingra
Art Director: Nihal Bambulkar
Art Director: Kanchi Undevia
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