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July 2017


Traditional ways of promoting music albums just aren’t as effective anymore as it was in the past. In its place is a new era in which musicians blend art, advertising and technology in smart and exciting ways. So when CROSSFAITH, an electro-core metal band based in OSAKA, Japan, approached us about creating a buzz around their new album, we made a digital and social initiatives to promote the first single from that album, to engage with new and existing fans. The microsite became the sole destination to sample the brand new track that can’t be experienced anywhere else at that time.

By activating the webcam on the computer, sophisticated code detects the rocking back and forth motion of the user’s head to trigger the music track and keeps it playing as long as the movement continues in this manner; the moment the head-banging stops the music stops. Just as the audience can often be seen “banging” their heads in this manner at a live metal concert -getting lost in the music and moving to it- we’ve created an experiential way that utilizes the enthusiastic metal fans as an interactive medium.

Experiential advertisement created by Ogilvy, Japan for Sony Music, within the category: Music.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
Production Company: YaYa Inc
Chief Creative Officer: Ajab Samrai
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Phua
Creative Directors: Aaron Phua, Ajab Samrai
Art Directors: Aaron Phua, Yousuke Ozawa
Copywriters: Aaron Phua, Ajab Samrai
Producer: Natsuki Tosa
Traffic Manager: Chie Sato
Copywriter: Kensui Arao
Sound Designer: Kensui Arao
Developer: Miyauchi Shunjiro
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