Disappeared Island

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June 2021
Prefeitura de Ilhabela: Disappeared Island
Prefeitura de Ilhabela Experiential Ad - Disappeared Island


Situation - Hepatitis C has been growing in the Brazilian population and worldwide. This happens due to the lack of testing and treatment, even though they are free in Brazil. Hepatitis C is a silent disease that, if not treated in time, can lead to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Brief - Establish a controlled area of action to test and treat hepatitis C in its entire population. The repercussion and notoriety of the action will give strength to the eradication of hepatitis C through other similar projects.

Objectives - Remove this area entirely from the hepatitis C map, zeroing its existence, testing and treating all its inhabitants, in order to create a system capable of being reproduced in other areas of Brazil.

Experiential advertisement created by McCann Health, Brazil for Prefeitura de Ilhabela, within the categories: Health, Pharmaceutical.

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