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January 2018
New York-Presbyterian Hospital: TXT 2 HLP
New York-Presbyterian Hospital Experiential Ad - TXT 2 HLP


In the United States, hundreds of people take their lives every day, and thousands more contemplate doing so. On the other hand, each day, thousands of patients with cancer fight for their lives and try to find greater purpose—while at the same time being robbed of the ability to fulfill it.

To this end, the objective was simple: Help cancer patients rediscover meaning and renew their sense of purpose…while enrolling volunteers most qualified to provide crucial support to those in a life-and-death struggle.

We created TXT 2 HLP, a mobile platform for NY–Presbyterian and its affiliate oncology hospitals, to connect patients whose lives are threatened by cancer with people who are threatening to end their own lives. After all, who better to convince someone to embrace life than someone who is grasping onto it with everything they’ve got?

This program allows NY–Presbyterian patients with terminal cancer to enroll, complete a 30-hour web-based training course, and volunteer from home, or even while receiving chemotherapy. This unlikely connection not only answers a person in crisis, but renews a sense of purpose that someone living with cancer may have lost in their fight against cancer.

We had hoped to have 5 patients pilot the program; however, surprisingly our expectations were surpassed. In just 1 month, 12 cancer patients enrolled in the pilot program. We gave them 30 hours of training to become crisis counselors. We created content around their training and volunteer experiences, so that they could become beacons of hope for other patients with cancer who also feel a loss of purpose and desire to reconnect in meaningful ways.

Currently, over 200 successful live sessions have been completed. The pilot program has expanded to all affiliate hospitals, with plans to expand to even more hospitals across the country.

Experiential advertisement created by FCB, United States for New York-Presbyterian Hospital, within the categories: Health, Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Area 23, New York, USA
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Tim Hawkey
SVP, Group Creative Directors: Bernardo Romero, Jason Graff
SVP, Creative Director: David Adler
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Joy Strazza
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Sarah Liebowitz
Group Art Supervisor: Kayla Gomez
VP, Associate Creative Director, Motion: Ronnie Caltabiano
VP, Director of Technology: Bill Hanff
Senior UX Architect: Nigel Gillis
VP, Management Director: Kelly Johnston
Account Supervisor: Kaitlyn Molino
Global Creative Partner: Fred Levron
VP, Strategic Director: Ankit Vahia
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