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November 2020


In an ideal world you need complete silence to record music, so is it possible to record an album with washing machines? A groundbreaking new project from Miele and Serviceplan Russia named “Laundry Records” proves you can, if you use Miele washing machines.
A real-life operating laundry was created in the basement of a hotel, and transformed into a recording studio with all the necessary equipment, including high sensitivity microphones and an audio console, with a team of sound engineers, and constantly working washing machines. The laundry in the hotel was equipped with Miele professional machines prior to the Laundry Records Project, which was the reason for choosing this particular location to create a recording studio with domestic Miele machines.

The first one to test the studio was Dmitry Malikov – a legend of Russian pop music. Recording his new neoclassical composition in these unusual circumstances was a great responsibility. Grand piano, guitar, clarinet, drums and chimes – every instrument had to be recorded clearly so that Dmitry’s touching melody could sound perfect. Dmitry and his musicians (Grishaev Evgeniy, Golovchenko Mikhai and Over Serrano Villalon) played the track a number of times, and the spinning drums didn’t seem to bother them or inhibit their performance. In honor of this outstanding experiment, the composition was given the name ‘Keep Spinning’.

Experiential advertisement created by Serviceplan, Russia for Miele, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Russia
Worldwide Executive Creative Director: Jason Romeyko
Account Director: Ruslan Gadeev
Chief Executive Officer: Olga Starichenko
Executive Creative Director: Evgenia Arabkina
Strategic Planning Director: Anastasia Boykova
Lead Account Manager: Sergei Soin
Senior Copywriter: Andrey Artyushin
Art Director: Ksenia Golovina
Junior Art Director: Anna Kuptsova
Junior Art Director: Anastasia Khizovets
Senior Interactive Designer: Maxim Kazantsev
Junior Interactive Designer: David Khandamov
International Communications Officer, Serviceplan Group: Lee Sharrock
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