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June 2020
MEX: TryBlueSky
MEX Experiential Ad - TryBlueSky


MEX, a member of Havas, pulls troubled teens off the streets and into the sky. The “TryBlueSky” campaign, which just took several award shows by storm, used the drug distribution channel as medium, inviting youngsters to try a better high, the highest high of their lives… Blue Sky!

Every 4-th Kyiv teenager tries drugs. Everywhere on the walls are drug dealers’ contacts on Telegram messenger: send the money and find out where the drugs are hidden.

The agency created @TryBlueSky account and painted it on top of drug dealers’ contacts, offering the first try for free. Instead of narcotics, inside the baggies were flyers for a free skydive!
Skydiving is a life-changing experience. It gives a totally new perspective. People quit drugs after they tried skydiving because nothing compares. And a famously friendly skydiving community helps drug addicts to break free of their toxic environment. The jump was an introduction to free educational courses of the Aerospace Center, a public youth organization where teenagers can pursue careers as skydiving athletes or military and commercial pilots.

Experiential advertisement created by MEX, Ukraine for MEX, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Mex, Kyiev, Ukraine
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