Captcha Against Fake News

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May 2019


Fake news has become a major issue worldwide. It’s capable of driving nations’ political paths and influencing elections. And to help fight this phenomenon, Brazilian agency Artplan and Metro Newspaper turned to technology. We all know captcha, that tool designed to check if you are a robot. But, at Metro’s website, it was redesigned. Instead of selecting random images, the user must select which image has a piece of fake news. After the answer, a brief explanation with the true fact appears and the user can move on to comment. Every day, a different piece of fake news was shown, keeping readers up-to-date. In order to use the tool, just access e comment on any news.

Experiential advertisement created by Artplan, Brazil for Metro, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Artplan, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Zico Farina, Marcos Abrucio
Art Director: Ary Nogueira
Copywriter: Rafael Pascarella
Customer Relation Management: Luiz Villano
Production Management: Clariana Regiani
RTVC: Karoline Justino, Patricia Oliva
Production: Bruno Werner
Customer Approval: Cláudio Bianchini, Luiz Rivoiro
Producer: Bossa Nova Films
Director of scene: Chico Gomes
Executive Producer: Eduardo Tibiriça, Sandra Othon
Assembly and Finish: Sefora Rios / Pluma
Production Coordination: Valquiria Pacheco
Customer Relation: Dani Harriz, Kiska Kaysel
Sound Production: Cabaret
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