PTSD: The first step in treating it, is seeing it.

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October 2019


“The first step in treating it, is seeing it” video was created for the 2019 Nocturne Art event in Halifax. Our goal was to help people better understand the signs of PTSD by providing an inside look into the firsthand experiences and feelings of those living with the condition. It consisted of a multi-screen experience featuring a video and 3D screen. Using the red and blue filters of 3D glasses, the video reveals the signs and symptoms of those living with PTSD and the “normal” words they use to keep their suffering hidden. Participants will also be able to use 3D glasses on-site to reveal two different messages on the various supporting screens.

Experiential advertisement created by Arrivals + Departures, Canada for Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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