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July 2020
MasterCard: Mastercard Vibes
MasterCard Experiential Ad - Mastercard Vibes


TASK: To make Mastercard a multi-sensory brand by building a new channel of brand communication with the audience through senses that have not previously been used for advertising purposes. Engage the Atlas Weekend audience and reach an additional 1.5 million target audience with minimal media costs.

SOLUTION: Let those who are unable to hear the sound—feel the sound. We invited the American music translator, Amber Galloway Gallego. Amber is the author of a unique style of translating music into sign language. At the event, she conducted a series of trainings for a Ukrainian team of sign language translators who also contributed to interpreting performances. At a special sensor field called #MastercardVibes, visitors with hearing impairments were able to feel the music through special built-in areas. Sound was experienced as never before, with some feeling its vibrations through touch. Special SubPac ripple vests made it possible to feel deep bass frequencies throughout the entire body.

RESULTS: The total media coverage of the project was 17,455,039, which is 872% more than planned. More than 200 hearing impaired people took advantage of the #MastercardVibes activity. More than 100 songs were translated during the performances. Over 70 media resources lighted up the information for free. Thanks to a master class from Amber Galloway Gallego and her team, a new profession has emerged in Ukraine—sign language interpreters specializing in translating music.

Experiential advertisement created by Adsapience, Ukraine for MasterCard, within the categories: Finance, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Adsapience, Kyiv , Ukraine
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