Only those who risk it, deserve to drink it

December 2016


Festive spirit and fascinating rush for celebrations profoundly portrays character and mission of “Maestro” Brand. So we decided to engage people, who were tied to their day-to-day activities, in drastically different kind of circumstances, phenomenon of some sort. Casual people, who were in Tbilisi mall just minding their business, unexpectedly would be put in a truly unique position. We would surprise them with a chance to experience remarkable feeling of being the the real maestro, conducting the real orchestra! We recalled the saying : “He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne” and people who could find the courage, were welcomed with a miracle.

Advertising Agency: Leavingstone, Tbilisi, Georgia
Creative Director: Levan Lepsveridze
Executive Director: Natia Gogia
Copywriter: Niko Ksnelashvili
Creative Producer: Mariam Menteshashvili
Graphic Designer: Keta Zhorzholiani
Set Designers: Erekle Tsintsadze, Dima Arsanisi
Decoration Artists: Vakho Janashia, Misha Psuturi, Merab Maxoxashvili
Video Editor: Gigi Jikia
Sound Design: Betkho’s Audio Lab
Motion Graphic: Irakli Cheishvili
Color Correction: Giorgi Qobalia / Film Asylum
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I was expecting more

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Did they really only follow just one person???

It would have been more fun to see all the messy versions of the classic.

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I was expecting more

Activity Score 4405
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