Lifebuoy Hackwashing Campaign

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October 2020


According to the Indian National Sample Survey 2020, over 60% of Indians wash their hands only with water and no soap at all. This deeply ingrained behaviour spreads fatal diseases
such as - Cholera, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia and COVID-19 claiming thousands of lives every year.

Understanding the severity of the issue, Geometry Encompass, WPP's End-to-End Creative Commerce Agency, hijacked existing handwash behavior and replaced it with Hackwashing: the process of using a special wearable ink made of Lifebuoy formula which turns into antibacterial soap on coming in contact with water. So, by simply, stamping people’s hands outside toilets and food courts, they ensured people use germ-killing soap every time they rinsed their hands. This became one of the world’s first instant re-education campaign, that taught over 150 million people to use soap, with no discounted samples or waste. The campaign turned an unsanitary habit into life-saving action. Hackwashing ensured handwashing with soap wasn't a choice but a mandate. A simple social-hacking solution that not only insulated the world’s largest human gathering from infections but also threw light on the importance of effective hand washing.

Experiential advertisement created by WPP, India for Lifebuoy, within the categories: Health, House, Garden.

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