Intel Drone Light Show at The Olympics

February 2018
Event Transportation: Shoair
Chief Marketing Officer: Steven Fund
VP, Global Creative Director: Teresa Herd
Marketing Director, Olympics: Stephanie Joukoff
Program Manager, Olympics: Kari Lemiere
VP and General Manager, Intel Drones Group: Anil Nanduri
General Manager, Drone Light Shows: Natalie Cheung
Olympics Program Manager, Drone Light Shows: Madeleine Ong
Marketing Director, NTG: Bryan Deaner
Marketing Strategist, Drones: Rachel Padgett
Animator, Drone Light Showss: Timothy Heath, Andreas Jalsovec (Aga)
Systems Engineer, Drones: Tobias Lang
Logistics & Shipping, Drone Light Shows: Clay Coleman
Show Operations, Drone Light Shows: Seiji Nair
Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Drones: James Micali
Principal Engineer, Drones: Saku Lahti
RF Engineer, Drones: Hannu Rajalin
Electronics Engineer, Drones: Esa Saunamaki
Mechanical Engineer, Drones: Isaac Kuke
Senior Director, Drones Engineering: Chidambaram Shankar
Principal Engineer, Drones: Tapio Liusvaara
Software Development Engineer, Drones: Tobias Gurdan
Innovations Engineer, Drones: Martin Moerth
Senior Director, Drones Program Management: Ketan Bhat
Engineering Program Manager, Drones: Markus Luetzenburger
Engineering Manager, Drones: Mikko Eskola
Systems Engineer, Drones (cold weather testing): Marko Bonden
RF Engineer, Drones (cold weather testing): Ari Viljanen
Mechanical Lead Engineer, Drones: Martin Stobbe
Mechanical Engineer, Drones (CAD design of HWPC): Fabian Oberndorfer
Operations R&D, Drone Light Shows (based on Folsom testing involvement): Florian Uhlemann
Director of Global Sales & Field Services: Justin Rosen
Global Creative Director, Experience Design: Nam Nguyen
Global Director, Creative Content Labs: Yogiraj Graham
Global Director, Account Services: John Coyne
Group Account Director: Matt Huntington
Account Director: Jamie Ehrhart
Creative Directors: AJ Musial, Warren Frost
Visual Designer: Savannah Hicks
Sr. Copywriter: Ashley Wood
Executive Producer: Tony Joo
Producer: Isleen Pinpin
Senior Producer: Thomas Green
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