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April 2017


Denmark is one of the first countries in the world to stop defining being transgender as a mental illness. But the gender struggle does not end there.

With Gender Free Internet Copenhagen Pride give people all over the world respect and recognition by making it possible to surf the Internet without being confronted with the discrimination of gender boxes. The future is gender free, and it starts with a Gender Free Internet.

Experiential advertisement created by Uncle Grey, Denmark for Copenhagen Pride, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Thomas Ilum
Creatives: Christoffer Gøtzsche, Oscar Olson, Thiago Silva
Copywriter: Sophie Hotchkiss
Digital Producer: David Cytryn
Social Strategist: Patrick Poulsen
Account Director: Charlotte Porsager
Development: WM Creative Labs
Film Production: Look At Me Now
Sound Design: Freezone
Seeding / PR: Anna Taussi, Rasmus Mikkelsen / BeOn
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okay nice angle

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Well, there is a huge difference between IRL and online. In reality you can see and mostly tell the age and gender of a person. The same isn't true on the web.

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I genuinely chuckle, it's a nice exaggeration. Here's my unsolicited two cent- the moment when your gender is being asked- is when you fill out a form that needed for database and later for identification, that's it, yeah? that's the purpose, wasnt it? for identification purpose in the future when you're dead or needed medical care yeh? You are not being asked for your gender when you checkout your amazon purchase online, no? you're not being asked for ordering medium roasted robusta coffee grind from online shop, no? Then your ads is clearly miss the mark. You're not raising awareness for 'stop labelling transgender as mental illness' and 'gender free' internet by making this kind of video. Okay the cinematographic and the execution and music arrangement is fokkin nice (this is sincere i genuinely like it) but plot and storyline wise, I gotta say nah. Here's another unsolicited too-late input from a bystander like me: Instead of being asked gender when they buy things, why not put a scene where they're on walk in oral-interview? Or a scene where a 'human' is waiting in line for getting scout's uniform since all scouts wearing pants so no need for gender-indentification, ye? This would make sense just a tiny bit, dontcha think? Ciao, love <3

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Agencies are filled with SJWs.

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very nice video...

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