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March 2021
Colgate: Close the tap
Colgate Experiential Ad - Close the tap


For the first time, Colgate changes its name on the packaging so that everyone remembers to close the tap while brushing their teeth.

We have always wanted people to avoid wasting water while brushing their teeth and for the first time in 90 years, we transformed our name into a reminder to "close the tap" and used our little box as a new medium that reaches 85% of the country's bathrooms. On World Water Day we launched a special edition through Colombia's largest supermarket chain to reach every bathroom, converting our packaging into Prime Time, Late Time, Early Time and All-Day ads. A medium that inspires thousands in 12 cities and impacts millions as they brush while avoiding the waste of water that 1 million people need to live for 1 month.

Experiential advertisement created by Geometry, Colombia for Colgate, within the categories: Beauty, Health.

Advertising Agency: Geometry Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
VP creativo: Edwin Pineda 
Director creativo general: Leo Gómez 
Directora general de cuentas: Marcela Jiménez 
VP de producción: Camilo Afanador 
Directores creativos: Mauricio Montaño, Carlos Urrutia 
Directores de arte: Oscar Flores, Gonzalo Gallego, Juan Cañas 
Directoras de cuentas: Carol Gómez, Claudia Alvarado 
CGI: Edward Vargas 
Edición y producción: Juan Ospina, Maria Vásquez, Cindy Triviño, Juan Méndez 
CEO: Xavier Serrano 
CEO Latam: Germán Yunes 
CCO Global: Manuel Bordé 
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