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February 2020


Bucuresti Mall-Vitan, the first shopping mall in Romania, is a landmark that takes pride in its diverse community. In Romania, there are over 100.000 blind and visually impaired people. In recent years, Valentine's Day has become a custom celebrated by more and more Romanians every year, and this time we wanted to shift perspective on the festival of love. 3 influencers. 3 first dates. 3 honest, unplanned conversations in the dark with a surprise reveal. Ioana Dumitrache, Irina Markovits & Ilinca Obădescu, 3 of the most famous Romanian influencers in the beauty, fashion and news category took part in the Vday in the dark experience, which revealed when the light turned on that their dates were in fact totally blind. This year, București Mall-Vitan has vouched to launch an extensive program that expands its services and makes them accessible to anyone's needs. #JudgeLessSeeMore is more than a hashtag, it's a statement for the future.

Experiential advertisement created by Stefanini Infinit, Romania for Bucuresti Mall, within the categories: Recreation, Leisure, Retail Services.

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