Empathy Objects

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June 2019


Experiential advertisement created by Z+, Brazil for AACD, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Havas Z+, São Paulo, Brazil
hief Creative Officer/ Creative Director: Alexandre Vilela (Xã)
Creative Directors: Alexandre Vilela (Xã), Celio Salles, Tarso Soares, Rico Lins
Content Manager: Vanessa Rodrigues
Art Directors: Alexandre Lage (Boca) and Rodrigo Seixas
Writer: Gustavo Zotini
Project Head: Rafael Coelho
Project Managers: Danilo Ferreira and Alexandre Negrão
Production Director: Diego Melo
Senior Producer: Caroline Reis
Producer: Jessica Ramos
Editor / Motion Designer: Francisco Filho, Rafael Rangel
Graphics: Carlos Vieira
3D Illustration: Theodoro Zanotto
3D Illustration / Post-production: Fujocka Creative Images
Customer Service: Roberta Sanches and Adriana Aprigliano
Directors: Lucas and José (Cinza – Trio Full Service)
Executive Producers: Marina Bortoluzo and Lola Santos (Trio Full Service)
CCO Trio Full Service: Luciano Mathias
Audio Producers: Fernando Canedo and Rafael Gomes (Trio Full Service)
Object Designer: Katerina Kamprani
Knife Production: Renato Hollanda Cavalcanti, Tatiana Machnicki and Michelle Rodrigues (Ateliê Miniart)
Knife Finishing: Geison Genga (Ateliê Miniart)
Mug Production: Roger Mutua (Ateliê Miniart)
Mug Painting: Ricardo Muniz (Ateliê Miniart)
Chair Production: Marcelinho Fernandes (Ateliê Miniart)
Glass Production: Elvira Schuartz (Ateliê Espaço Zero)
Color Grading: Marcio Pasqualino (PsychoN’Look)
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