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December 2016


Xintiandi Shanghai is an affluent dining and entertainment district of Shanghai, China. Every quarter, they would have campaign themes to promote and showcase their restaurants and boutiques. This time, the theme was ‘Food Sustainability’ and we were tasked to develop an awareness campaign.

We went deeper and got to the core of the issue: Food Waste. It was bigger than we think, with a study showing that restaurants dispose of up to 84% of unused ingredients, and all that ends up as food waste. Also in China, consumers are particular about food quality and that leads to a large amount being unused and eventually discarded by restaurants.

Our idea was to create a product that would demonstrate recycling and most importantly, remind consumers on food sustainability. We collaborated with Xintiandi Shanghai’s restaurants and developed The Re_PIZZA project, a gastronomic experience that turned potential food waste into great tastes. We gathered unused ingredients like tofu, noodles, ice-cream, fruits, candies and more to create over 200 types of Re_PIZZAs.

There were no two Re_PIZZA alike. Every Re_PIZZA had its own name and distinct flavor. From Very Berry Pizza to Cookies & Cream Pizza, we gave revelers a tasty education about food waste at Xintiandi Shanghai’s Christmas fair. Every night offered new tastes and every Re_PIZZA made a difference, one slice at a time.

Over a few days, we reminded 360 million people (via social impressions) and reused 60 kgs of unused. At the event, we fed 1,500 people, and donated the profits to The Global Food Network to feed over 15,000 children. But most importantly, we had managed to reduce food waste from 84% to 43%.

The Re_PIZZA project was a sustainable solution that helped reduce the problem and directly educated people on the issue.

Direct advertisement created by Dentsu, China for Xintiandi, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Beijing Dentsu, Shanghai, China
Executive Creative Director: Kazuki Tsuburaku
Creative Directors: Si Tan, Manabu Hoshino
Art Directors: Swee Mei Loo, Swee See Tan
Copywriter: Andrew Shee
Strategic Planning Director: Kentaro Mito
Agency Producers: Mack C.h.wu, Kazuhiko Yamada
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kleenex's picture

Solid idea.

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Web Designer/Developer
kleenex's picture

Solid idea.

Activity Score 58667
Web Designer/Developer
Paulius Rymeikis's picture

There's one thing where you should not innovate - dough. From what I see it has nothing to do with pizza dough. Maybe Chinese version :)

Paulius Rymeikis
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Creative Director at Nomoshiti
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