The Press is Right

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July 2019


"Stream and Tough Guy" is a brand new Creative Shop out of Lisbon, Portugal. To launch the agency, Joao Ribeiro (Managing Partner) went as a contestant on the TV Show "The Price is Right", the most watched late afternoon show in Portugal, in an effort to get on brand's radars. How? Well, there's a very well known segment on the show where contestants get to send their best regards to friends and family who might be watching. So, unbeknownst to the show's production, Joao sent his best not to people he knows but to people he wants to meet (Marketing Leads for big brands). After the show aired (live) this video entitled “The Press is Right” was launched on LinkedIn and the respective Marketing Leads were tagged. Some of the targeted people had already heard that their names were mentioned on the TV Show, they just didn’t know why. Their reaction was great. Stream and Tough Guy got tons of amazing feedback from the Press Release both directly from the targeted Marketing Leads but also from other Marketing Leads from other brands that loved the idea. The Creative Shop got assigned 3 projects as a direct result of the stunt and lots of other promising meetings. Oh, yes, and João got on to win an LCD TV and a linen sheet set.

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