BonsAI: A New Plant That Has Acquired Intelligence

April 2018


*What is BonsAI (Bons-AI) ?
A new plant that has acquired intelligence.
It is a project that connects people and nature through the power of technology.
Packed with many of the latest TDK technologies, the aim is to realize the following:

[Hold conversations]
Bonsai may be wiser than humans, since they live longer.
When people consult BonsAI about their problems, it can give tips from the extensive knowledge derived from various times and places.
This feature is aimed at turning BonsAI into an object people can, to some extent, rely on.

[Basking in the sun]
BonsAI walks in search of sunlight when it is in the shade.
When it reaches a sunlit area, it expresses the comfort of sunbathing by lighting up LEDs.

[Asking for water]
When the soil is dry, BonsAI approaches water and asks people to water it. By having BonsAI act like a pet, the aim is to have people cherish plants

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