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December 2009
Stihl:  Autumn calendar
Stihl Direct Ad -  Autumn calendar


Check out the video presentation too.

Direct advertisement created by Euro RSCG, Germany for Stihl, within the category: House, Garden.


Stihl. Fall is coming.

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dsklan's picture

must be pretty expensive,bet there was only one prototype...

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Art Director at homeshop
Flurb's picture

I like it. Where can I get one?

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Creative Director
Prime83's picture

Very good idea, but even better is the work of the production department of the agency.

Activity Score 497
Creative Director at Huella Publicidad
dsklan's picture

must be pretty expensive,bet there was only one prototype...

Activity Score 1924
Art Director at homeshop
Adaddicted's picture

but if you read the brief, seems they do not care about the financial chaos!

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Art Director |


Huub's picture

How? Day by Day Video as proof!

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Art Director at Willem De Kooning Academie
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Art Director
Roshan Quintus's picture

is this real ?

Roshan Quintus
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Saatchi & Saatchi - Sri Lanka |

bite me

alvinpck's picture

Is there a demo of it?

Edited: Just saw it. Great.

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Art Director
Phil Lestino's picture

Oh I don't have to go to my calendar and rip the days off....that will make my life so much easier

Phil Lestino
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Appolonia's picture

lovely idea and a worthy invention !

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Copywriter at memark branding agency
xcreativity's picture

i think its too forced

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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esia's picture

Nice mechanic!
But what a message: The calendar is showing that leave blowers from stihl are so good you only need 1 whole day to blow a single leaf away. Thats not so good or?

Activity Score 239
Creative Director at BBDO Berlin |

Let’s do something great together.

beingofageoldgrace's picture

def. scam. just look at the pic of the box in the vid and the "working" obj.

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Pushkaraj Shirke's picture

dunno how it works, but definitely wud catch my attention if it did.
and i'd show it to everyone in my office if i had one!
great advertising :)

Pushkaraj Shirke
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Copywriter at Asymmetrique Communications, Monkeyworks |

Patata Casada's picture

Funny! :)

Patata Casada
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Cursando 2º de la Licenciatura de Publicidad y RR.PP.
perromalo's picture

Love the idea. Just brilliant, but I find a little bit difficult to believe that the client paid for the whole production process, including the patent. The patent process is long, tedious and in most cases a fustrating operation that involves designers, engineers, lawyers and a great deal of paper work. Did the client have the time to wait? Bravo, if they had it. Congratulations for the idea, anyway.

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Creative Director at Mateo&co
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atb2005's picture

Outstanding! I wanna know if this is battery operated or do you have to plug it into an outlet?? I can't tell from the video demo. The mechanism that tears the pages can't possibly work on its own...

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Mr.Floppy's picture

it is battery operated. so you don't have to plug it into an outlet

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Amy Edward's picture

Wow its very creative! It's cool, i lov the idea

Amy Edward
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lynnholilin's picture

oh yeah there's some kind of mechanism inside that timed to release the leaves, very cool stuff :-)

Activity Score 118
Graphic Designer |

Lynn Ho
Decision Communications Pte Ltd
Advertising Agency Singapore

Guest's picture

it`s a real product realized by
meanwhile the mechanism has been changed several times and it runs battery operated.
more information you`ll find under

uwe strahl
managing director of modellbau-strahl

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