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August 2008
Stella Artois:  PSP
Stella Artois Direct Ad -  PSP


Foster’s created a new sales team to concentrate on selling Stella Artois. Although this team was aware of Stella Artois’ origins, it didn’t have a good understanding of the brand’s character or its association with film.
Our job was to produce a sales presenter that would get the team excited about Stella Artois, and make it easier to sell the beer to pub and bar managers.

Foster’s was expecting a brochure, or a folder with loose-leaf pages. We gave them 50 customised Sony PlayStation PSPs instead.
The PSPs were delivered in hand-stitched black velvet drawstring bags. The machines were rebranded with a Stella Artois logo on the reverse of the case, and we also modified the operating systems and icon sets to reflect the brand.
Then we installed the Stella Artois films and artwork, plus short presentations on the history of the brand. And because PSPs are wi-fi capable, Foster’s can load up new material quicker than new pages can be printed for a loose-leaf folder.

Foster's analysis has shown that every sales representative who was given a PSP met all their sales targets for the relevant quarter. Anecdotal feedback also confirmed that without exception, the PSP was regarded as the best sales presenter ever received. As a result, Foster's is now reviewing further rollout of the tool.

Direct advertisement created by Rivet, Australia for Stella Artois, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Rivet, Australia
Creatives: Chris Hunter, Mark Cole
Production: Han Lee, Sarah Hadfield, Karim Hadid
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Crisp One's picture

sick idea...yea, those PSPs have allot of un-used potential.

Crisp One
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scarfinati's picture

that cant be legal

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Art Director
Guest's picture

Oh guys!!! I came up with the idea of combining the PSP with a release of Film, Music and Games years ago. I saw the potential of the PSP and how it could market so many other things. To prove that I came up with this idea years ago feel free to check out my portfolio. I did a PSP vs KILL BILL still shot fully modelled in 3D and rendered photorealistically for presentation purposes. Link I also did Spiderman 3, Transformers and Tekken 5

Cracking idea but painful to see people can market an idea or concept when you've had the idea yourself.

Mandip Singh

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