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April 2011


The product is airlaid-based material mainly for hygiene applications, on other words; raw material for making napkins, femcare products, wipes etc. A fictional character at Rexcell made a secret movie that was sent to prospects around Europe. It was sent in an unbranded box on a surf tablet with instructions on the screen on how to start the movie. The box also contained a hand written note that told the recipient to start the tablet and watch the movie. It was signed "Your friend at Rexcell" to keep it a little mysterious. This way of communicating in the business is very rare and had a huge impact. The projection was to get 2-3 meetings set up. The result was 22 successful sales meetings and about 20 units were sent.

Direct advertisement created by Clara, Sweden for Rexcell, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: Clara, Karlstad, Sweden
Art Director: Fredrik Ternström
Copywriter: Åsa Jernfält
Account manager: Janne Svensson
Production manager: Ulrika Evensson
Assistant Art Directors: Jon Skoglund, Frans Fjällström
Photographer: Jonas Rudström
Director: Anders Lipkin
Actor: Markus Levin
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Phillhb's picture

Great idea... but whats the product?

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Phillhb's picture

Great idea... but whats the product?

Activity Score 377
atb2005's picture

Yawn. Their website is equally bad (if not worse).

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dean viii's picture

Great idea with the film, but it was written badly. Too ad-like and little concept. Lost a great opportunity.

dean viii
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Creative Director
Bob.C's picture

Points for bravery (especially for a B2B materials supplier) and the idea, but the implementation died once the copywriter scripted the corporate video style and you hired a professional actor. Sorry,it really would have worked better with some random guy from the factory on this cellphone and some scribbled notes.

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