Doodle Mats

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April 2018


Renault România created Doodle Mats, the first kids’ rugs customized with real maps, that help them learn where to safely cross the street.

The project was developed by Publicis Romania and came to life thanks to the auto maker’s constant interest in pedestrian safety, especially that of the most vulnerable ones: kids. Most accidents involving child pedestrians take place close to their homes, when kids are unattended, so the first thing they need to know is where the safe crossings are in their own neighbourhood.

But because road safety is a boring, adult topic, a fun approach was needed to appeal to kids. That’s how the agency turned to the popular road rugs, found in kids’ rooms all around the world.

Direct advertisement created by Publicis, Romania for Renault, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Romania
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