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October 2009
Papaiz:  House
Papaiz Direct Ad -  House

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The brief: To create a piece for a Papaiz showroom aimed at the trade public that calls resellers’ attention to the reliability and strength of Papaiz brand padlocks.

Solution: An interactive display that challenges people to break into a house. As they follow the instructions and fold the paper taken from the display, they go in through the gate, through a window in the house, through a bedroom door, into a closet and into a drawer, until they come to a little box with a Papaiz padlock. From there, no matter how much they exert themselves, they cannot go any farther because it is impossible to fold the paper more. It’s impossible to get past the padlock. At that point, the brand’s concept makes sense: “Papaiz. Your world well protected.”

Results: The piece was used up quickly. It exceeded sales targets by 35% and was extended to various points of sale, helping consolidate Papaiz as leader in the padlock segment in Brazil.

Direct advertisement created by DPZ, Brazil for Papaiz, within the category: Professional Services.

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it's impossible to fold a piece of paper in half more than 6 times. Nice!!!

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yea i've tried it before, it's really impossible :-D aw man such a brilliant direct mailer design!

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Graphic Designer |

Lynn Ho
Decision Communications Pte Ltd
Advertising Agency Singapore

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liondog's picture

Really nice work. A really simple thing, low cost to produce. Inteligent. Maybe we will see it in Cannes. Is it Promo?

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I really love the idea - but is anyone really going to do this?

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