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October 2011
Nutkase:  Institute for Creative Disorders
Nutkase Direct Ad -  Institute for Creative Disorders


Objective: To create a self-promotion kit intended to present Nutkase to some of the major brands in Portugal.

Concept and Idea: At Nutkase we are "crazy about brands". So, we have createdthe NTK Institute for Creative Disorders in order to evaluate our creative team with Rorschach tests. The diagnosis revealed that all the elements suffer from a sort of creative disorder to work major brands, with whom we wanted to share those results. Therefore, we sent our "psychologist" to deliver 20 customized kits made up of framed planks of Rorschach test, with subliminal images of each brand for their own evaluation.

Diagnostic: After evaluating the results of action, we reached the following diagnosis: 20 delivered kits - 13 acknowledged us and our pathology.

Direct advertisement created by Nutkase, Portugal for Nutkase, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Nutkase Empowering Marketing, Portugal
Creative Directors: Joäo Pereira, Patrícia Costa
Head Designer: Liliana Moreira
Copywriter: Sónia Marques
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Would the brands get this if they don't know Watch Men?

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intothebackstudio's picture

In fact the early Rorschach test dates all the way from 1921
the character Rorschach in the Watchmen comic novels gets
is name because of its unstable mental quirks :)

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