Self-optometry business card

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May 2013
Myung Dong:  Self-optometry business card
Myung Dong Direct Ad -  Self-optometry business card


Background: A tiny optician's has been launched in a traditional market in Jeju, South Korea. The main target of this market is middle-aged men and women between 50~70 years old and the elderly.

Drawbacks: 1. The advertiser's limited budget. 2. The elders in the area do not acknowledge their eyesight and they are accustomed to their poor vision. A specialized optometry is urgently needed.

Ideas: Self-optometry business card; Create a card that examines people's eyesight. Just reach out your hand and the business card converts to an eyesight chart.

Results: 1. Printed 500 'cards' with only 30.000 Korean won. 2. Delivered 500 'cards' to the surrouding business district, including the traditional market in Jeju, and 99.9% of residents particiated. 3. The majority of the clients recognized 'Myungdong optician's'. Also after the card advertisement, over 90% of the residents visited the optician's in a mere month.

Direct advertisement created by Black Pearl Creative, South Korea for Myung Dong, within the category: Professional Services.


Check your eyesight! Dedicated to your vision in Myung Dong Optician's.

Mission: 1. Let them experience themselves the visional discomfort with minimum budget. 2. Let them recognize 'Myungdong optician's=For those with low vision'
Advertising Agency: Black Pearl Creative, Seoul, South Korea
Executive Creative Director: Peter Kim
Creative Director: Damien Kim
Art Directors: Sabina Moon, Stella Kim
Copywriters: Jeremy Nam, Rose Kim
Account Director: Peter Chanel Ko
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this is awesome!

joo kim
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interesting idea.

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I think its unique! And it fit the strategy to perfect!!

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well done. top notch!

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Eye catching idea! Simly, I would not throw this away but keep this cuz it's worth.

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this is awesome!

joo kim
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