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March 2009
Masa:  Miniature magazines
Masa Direct Ad -  Miniature magazines

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Direct advertisement created by TBWA, Saudi Arabia for Masa, within the category: Professional Services.


Rats can take over your house before you even know it.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD Saudi Arabia
Creative Director: Saadi Alkouatli
Creative Group Head: Walid Kotb
Art Directors: Saher Khan, Akram Alamoudi
Photographer: Getty
Account Executive: Zeina Tabbara
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Visualizit's picture

:) this makes it up for the (salt jar) ad! This DM would make me call them for sure!

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Visualizit Creative Productions
Guest's picture

The Rat's Magzines content is a gem. Great effort in the "minor" details indeed.

Guest's picture

I like it. Very nice idea. Same insight as the 'don't let them make themselves at home' print campaign that did quite well recently, but a fresher, better idea and execution. Not that awards are a be all and end all, but this should do well. Well done all.

silvertongue's picture
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MindZoo's picture

It is possible that this was an original idea even though it is really similar to the Raid ad...but in any case execution was excellent and the magazines are a nice twist. Won't rate cause I'm not sure this was original.

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Other at Boomtown Productions
tagleby's picture

It look Great idea... realy I like it..

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jorge00's picture

great Idea, lots of attention to detail, but it does look like the raid DM...

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Art Director at TBWA Dom. Rep.
Guest's picture

Great idea and its not similar to raid idiot.. by the way this campaign won a gold and a silver in Dubai Lynx and one crystal.. i can smell a cannes lion nshalla

silvertongue's picture

Really? So both use miniature objects 'mailed' to pests in order to advertise pest control and you think they aren't similar?

Think before you call other people 'idiot.'

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NatalieM's picture

This is an awesome piece. I would definitely flip through this read.


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Topolewski |


Blair Semenoff's picture

First time I've seen something like this so I like it.

Blair Semenoff
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icanthink's picture

i like this. GOOD IDEA.

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Creative Director
hesham00's picture

like it.. good idea

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Creative Director at TBWA\Saudi |


Guest's picture

This baby was shortlisted in Cannes yesterday and got 2 bronze world medals in NYF and a gold and a silver in Dubai Lynx. Great job TBWA\Saudi Arabia!

Liverpudillian's picture

Funny ... i like it

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Graphic Designer
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This is very great job to make people pest free. I appreciate your job Masa. In case anyone wants a pest control service in Dallas, kindly contact at:

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