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January 2011
Liwa:  Recycle seal
Liwa Direct Ad -  Recycle seal


When Liwa shifted its office to a new address, the agency came up with a unique way to use its existing stationery and make a statement at the same time. A ‘recycle’ seal was created with the new telephone and fax numbers plus a subtle environmental message.

Direct advertisement created by Liwa, United Arab Emirates for Liwa, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.


Our numbers have changed. Not our eco-commitment.

Advertising Agency: Liwa Advertising, Dubai, UAE
Creative Directors: Suhas Rege, Vijay Kumar
Art Director: Navkriti Shrikhande
Copywriter: Vijay Kumar
Additional credits: Sagar Rege
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writersblog's picture

Quite a clever way of using the medium as the message.

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jackmancer2017's picture

Nice yeah, but is "environmental friendly" a good USP for an advertising agency?

bricard's picture

I see your point, but this doesn't necessarily mean that being environmentally friendly is their primary focus. A lot of companies are committed to helping the environment, and making it known, but that's not their unique selling proposition. Then again, prospective clients who view eco-commitment as their own USP may now be more inclined to hire Liwa and be associated with them.

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jackmancer2017's picture

I was merely questioning it. "Environmentally friendly" seems to be an interchangeable USP for any company nowadays, was wondering if that's for an ad agency as well. I suppose it doesn't hurt indeed.

Ron Burgundy's picture

"our ideas emit zero emissions "....ayuk!

Ron Burgundy
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Art Director at Southern California
alexcov's picture

Means recycling refused ideas.
Cool idea thaw, pity its not for adv.

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Art Director
Wordnerd's picture

cool idea, message and even saves money. witty

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Lazarus's picture

Okay. Not bad. Actually good. Cheers.

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Creative Director
Jonattan's picture

that's recycling

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Just do it

Mark F's picture

tramp stamp

Mark F
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