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December 2009
IWC:  12 Parts
IWC Direct Ad -  12 Parts


IWC’s motto is “Passion for Details”. We were asked to create communication that would live up to this motto, get customers more involved in the brand, and inspire those who already own a few IWC watches to add a few more to their collection. There’s no better way to connect with customers than a factory tour, so we created an invitation that would last all year. Top IWC clients received a watch box containing a tiny calendar featuring 12 photographs of original IWC parts in their actual size. Next to the calendar were tweezers and a loupe - the same as those used by IWC watchmakers. This little glimpse into the world of IWC could be turned into
a personalized tour of the factory in Schaffhausen with a simple RSVP. More than half of the customers who received the calendar signed up to take the tour. Many of them brought their family, ensuring that the passion felt for IWC by its current customers will live on into the next generation as well.

Direct advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for IWC, within the category: Personal Accessories.

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I agree with Dzsoi. It's beautiful.

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Lovely DM, not cheap, but interesting and exactly to the point. If you care about the mechanism of watches, this DM will give you the final push to visit the factory tour for sure.

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I agree with Dzsoi. It's beautiful.

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I love IWC

Still have to say this is the most complicated IWC ad I've ever seen in my life. :)

Is it a DM solution?

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