Desired Deadline Annual Calendar & Mailing

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December 2010
Fit:  Desired Deadline Annual Calendar & Mailing
Fit Direct Ad -  Desired Deadline Annual Calendar & Mailing


Challenge: Creation of an annual calendar for our client FIT. “FIT-Delivery & Shipping” is synonymous for its reliable service and on-schedule delivery to desired deadlines.

Solution: We build our approach on the basis of this promise and show how FIT-Service is reliable on 365 days of a year: by means of a calendar that is delivered by a FIT employee and at first glance looks like a regular shipment. Once you turn the envelope, you not only discover one, but twelve straps saying: “Delivery by your desired deadline ‘FIT-Delivery & Shipping’.” Underneath every strap there is a calendar. With every day that goes by, the straps can be pulled off bit by bit until the envelope is entirely opened by Dec 31st and reveals an enclosed response form for the calendar for the next year. It is needless to say that “Delivery by your desired deadline” is guaranteed.

Direct advertisement created by Heye, Germany for Fit, within the category: Transport.


Delivery by your desired deadline. FIT-Delivery & Shipping

Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner GmbH, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Fabian Hinzer, Jan Okusluk, Zeljko Pezely
Art Director: Marcus Feil
Copywriter: Christina Meister
Production: Michael Buchholz
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Who is actually going to tear one part of the strip at a time for 365 days in the year? I highly doubt anyone will as it is of no use as a calendar, I expect it would end up in the bin, or else they would lose patience and tear all of the strips at once.

As it is of no use as a calendar I can't see anybody re-ordering another one!

A very expensive mistake, to be honest.

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That´s right dan_1985.

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A bit boring --> no award.

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so it takes a year to deliver a letter


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"Hey, what if we made a..." is a phrase most all of us have heard, or said, in a creative meeting. This effort makes it clear that more than one person should be involved in those kinds of meetings.

To the agency:
1) nobody is going to use a calendar that looks like the ass-end of a paper shredder;
2) the calendar has zero practical use: there is no space for notes;
3) does it come with a stand? Do I have to grab it, lift it up and tear one day off, then replace it on my desk every day? If so, that's about 4 steps too much effort for a calendar.
4) it looks like a courier package - those are either given to the post or thrown in the bin. They don't live on desks.

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