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March 2020


Call of Duty Mobile registered more than 180 million downloads in 2019. In Colombia, thousands of gamers created communities about the game turning it into the perfect place to promote our gaming products. But there was a problem: the terms and conditions in this game doesn’t allow any type of advertising. That’s why we looked for the 3 best gamers of Call of Duty Mobile in Colombia to change their username and photo inside the game, for the name and photo of our exclusive gaming promotions. With an announcement in their social networks, our 3 gamers invited their followers to win these promotions on a live streaming in a very simple way: killing them. At the end of each game our 3 gamers gave the promo codes live into the game chat room. These codes were able to be redeemed immediately in our stores or e-commerce. By having players hunt down and kill some of the best Call of Duty: Mobile players for a discount, they're forcing them to invest time and effort to secure the coupons (as well as congratulate them on the achievement), which means who are more likely to value it and use those discounts.

Direct advertisement created by BBDO, Colombia for Éxito, within the categories: Gaming, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogota, Colombia
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